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Welcome to a new era of healthcare, where personalized attention and comprehensive care are the cornerstones of my practice. 

Why Choose Lighthouse Family Medicine?
At Lighthouse Family Medicine, I embrace the guiding principles and comforting presence symbolized by a lighthouse, blended with the heart and soul of family medicine, now offered through a personalized, one-on-one concierge service.

Why the Name "Lighthouse"?


The lighthouse stands as a beacon of hope, guidance, and safety. It represents a place of refuge, a guidepost for travelers, and a warning of avoidable dangers. These qualities resonate with the values I hold in my medical practice.

The Essence of Family Medicine

Family medicine embodies a practice that provides comfort in times of need, guidance on personal health journeys, and crucial warnings through preventative care. As your dedicated physician, I am committed to delivering these core aspects through a more intimate and focused concierge service.

My Philosophy

Here at Lighthouse, I am dedicated to offering a sanctuary of personalized care where you are at the center of everything I do. My goal is to be your trusted guide, ensuring you navigate your health journey with confidence and clarity. By embracing a concierge model, I can offer you more time, attention, and tailored care to meet your unique needs.

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