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Our Practice


LeCroy Family Medicine (now Lighthouse Family Medicine) opened its doors in August 2000, and has been serving the Colleyville area with general family care. Drs. Kenneth and Tara LeCroy are the founders and owners. With an emphasis on Christian principles, we offer care in a non-judgmental manner to people from all walks of life: consistent with the practice of good medicine.

Why Lighthouse?

Why are we called Lighthouse Family Medicine?


We believe in the symbolism of Lighthouses combined with the heart of Family Medicine.


Lighthouse: (n) A place of refuge; a guidepost for travelers finding their way on a journey; a warning of avoidable dangers.

Family Medicine: (n) A practice that offers a place of comfort in a time of need, a guide to the family on their individual journeys, and serves as a warning in our role of preventative medicine.

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